Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Genesis of the Real Mod Blog

I go cuckoo for Mid-century Modern.

Flat-roofed Eichlers, the gentle slope of a Cliff May, the sultry curve of Saarinen chair, the way a George Nelson light floats and casts a gentle glow... they all make the little hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

My parents don't get it.

My brothers don't get it.

Most of my friends don't get.

(My wife gets it).

They realize that (I think) MCM is "cool," but they don't understand the degree to which I passionately love clean lines and reason or specificity in design. Outside of the clique-ness of it, the hip factor, they don't get the "why."

So many people view modern as cold, uncomfortable... unrealistic. But I think, like most things, the reason for this notion is mainly ignorance. Modern is misunderstood. People have gotten some ideas into their heads that make modern seem like something that it is not.

I hope to use this blog to explore this notion and perhaps help at least a few people see that one can live normally (dare I say better) while subscribing and adhering to modernist ideals. I'll get to find and publish pretty pictures of super cool houses and furniture.

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