Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hardoy Butterfly Chair Covers

We inherited two original, steel-frame Hardoy Butterfly chairs from my great aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, they came without covers, so all we have are the frames. I began my search for new covers the other day. You wouldn't think it would be so damn hard to find a simple (decent) cover for a Hardoy Butterfly chair.

I like the design of this chair, as they look pretty cool just as frames, sculptural and what not. So when you take the cover inside to prevent damage during inclement weather, what's left isn't an eyesore but still interesting.

The chair's design came from architects in Le Corbusier's office in 1938 (Antonio Bonet, Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy and Juan Kurchan). Now that they are sold by Target and Pottery Barn, they are a little less cool, but those models are generally foldable, so it's easy to tell an original from the new, flimsier knock-offs.

I'd love to have the original style, saddle-leather covers, but it would seem that route is cost prohibitive at around $1,500 for the only leather cover I could find. And those look pretty bad; nothing like the original.

So I’ll continue my search for good covers for Hardoy chairs.  If you’ve got a source, please post in the comments!

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  1. I have what I believe to be two original frames myself. Purchased about 15 years ago from Goodwill, lol. I am wondering how to tell if they are THE original. The welds are clean and beautiful, they are solid and don't fold or come apart. Any markings, any way to know? I bought fabric reproduction covers on Ebay. I think you're best bet for leather is to go to an upholestery or craftsperson and have them make them. If they have a heavy enough sewing machine, it's not complicated. Buy a fabric one so they have a pattern to work from.