Monday, July 4, 2011

Midcentury Modern House Numbers

This topic has been on ongoing one as long as I’ve been a homeowner and interested in MCM.  House numbers, like so many other things marketed to a discerning audience, seem to cost an INSANE amount of money.

Unfortunately, our most recent address has 5 numbers!  At the low end of the house number price spectrum (around $20 a piece), this means I’ll be paying $100 in  house number hardware.

Design Within Reach carries “official” Neutra house numbers at $50 a piece.  Are you freaking kidding me? Bead-blasted extruded aluminum should cost nowhere near this much.f_13956

The best thing going for a while was Chiasso’s numbers clocking in at $18 a piece.



Here are a couple more from Atlas Home Wares that are at that price point.

This would be my choice:


But here’s a Googie option as well:



Hillman Group 6

Surprisingly, Home Depot has established itself as the clear winner when it comes to affordable MCM house numbers.  When I discovered this information online, I had serious reservations.  Surely these would be “ok” but not “good.”  But after heading to the local HD, I found they are in fact quite acceptable, if not great.  They even come with posts for “float” mounting.



There seem to be a bunch of sites that are more “custom” in their ordering process, but you actually have to CALL the company, and the websites look like they were design around 1993.  That combined with the $20+ per number price tag makes me wonder if they ever sell a number.

diy-modern-house-numbers-cuttingIf you’re feeling handy, here’s a little how to for making numbers for yourself (approx. $20 for four numbers… and if you go this route you could then have the “real” Neutra typeface).


  1. Here's a good source for Modern House Numbers in recycled aluminum.

  2. Again though... $22 plush shipping for a number? This seems ridiculously expensive. I know an American company can't possibly compete with the prices out of China, but $22 for a single letter? Maybe I'm just out of touch with domestic manufacturing costs. I do like that the company will be providing new materials soon (Cor-ten, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and powder coating available).